Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Creating Enamel Dots With Perler Beads

Hi, friends!  It's Mynn here introducing another tutorial on how to create your own enamel dots!  This week, we've got Dana sharing how to make enamel dots by melting Perler beads.  You can find the full tutorial with LOTS of picture on Dana's blog HERE.  Take it away, Dana!

Hey peeps.  I have been promising for some time now to show you how to make DIY enamel dots so here it is. 

Go ahead and preheat your oven to 300 degrees.  My oven usually take a few minutes to warm up so this gives me time to get my colors separated and one to my baking sheet.

Speaking of baking sheet, make sure to over it with parchment paper.  This is a must unless you want to ruin your baking sheet.  So I started out lining up a few rows of the beads to keep the colors in groups.

Set your timer for 30 minutes.  This is an estimated time since it will depend on your oven.  Some of the colors take a little longer than others so you will have to keep an eye on the beads.  But for the most part, all of them need at least 30 minutes.

Here they are fresh from the oven. I have mixed them around to see if any had stuck to the paper.  Nope, we are good.   That was super easy right?

I hope you gained some information that can get you started making your own enamel dots.  Oh before I forget, I use glossy accents to attach the dots to my projects.  I know there are plenty of ways to glue these dots down but glossy accents just seems to be my go to.

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Shawna Standish said...

I have enough Perler Beads to choke a horse!! Literally... And enamel dots can get a bit pricey. This is a tip I will use time and time again. I am definitely going to link this up to my blog at TheGrandStampede... Awesome!!

Marsha said...

What a great idea! I find Perler beads all over my house (crazy grandkids!) Love this idea. Thanks.

Alycia said...

What kind of Perler beads do you use? I have tried two different kinds without the results you got. They're just beautiful!

Michele Henderson said...

Great tips! Your melted perler beads look beautiful! I'm glad to see you achieved such beautiful results! I use a higher setting for a shorter time and that works for me. I think you have to experiment to see what works best with your oven.

Michele Kovack said...

I just bought some yesterday to try this....the only thing holding me back is the smell! Think I need to do it when the family isn't home! ;)

Barbara Rankin said...

I tried this technique and I think it gave me the best results. They seemed to melt faster than the pony beads. Not sure why, but I love this idea. TFS

Brenda said...

Tried this tonight, it works great for most colors. I used the EK Success brand. There seem to be a few stubborn colors that take longer than 30 minutes. Thanks for the great tutorial!