Saturday, May 18, 2013

Attention DT Entrants: Important Information!!!

Hello, friends!  Another HUGE thank you to all of those who entered our DT call!  Since we had a much larger turn out than we originally thought, we are still in the midst of deciding and are going to let in many more people than we originally planned on.  Stay tuned for an email from us sometime in the next week or so, but definitely by June 1, 2013.

PLEASE ADD MYNNETTE'S EMAIL ADDRESS (onastampage@yahoo.com) TO YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS SO THAT YOU RECEIVE THE EMAIL REGARDING THIS DT CALL DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX.  There will be a time limit to accept positions and so this is very important!

If you are not asked to join our DT at this time, please know that we will be doing another DT call in December.  We're going to run a new DT call every 6 months so that more people can have the chance to join in the fun with us here at House of Cards.  Please know that if you are not chosen, it is most likely just because of the sheer volume of entrants as well!  The amount of DTs you are currently on was also a consideration as we don't want to overload anyone.  This doesn't mean you are not a fabulous artist, we just have to make some amazingly difficult decisions!!!

Also, we might possibly be asking some of you who entered to join us in another card making style than what you entered.  If you are not comfortable with this we understand and you are free to decline and apply again in December! :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the amazing entries!  Ruth and I feel that we have been very blessed to see the work of all the artists who entered this call and please stay tuned to hear back from us! HUGS and happy stamping, friends!

Mynn xx


The-Butterfly said...

Awww so great you had so many entries! Best of luck picking members :)

sandee said...

I'd hate to have to be the one deciding!! Glad you had a lot to choose from though! ♥

Elaine Rayworth said...

Good luck everyone (I keep checking my in-box!) lol

Elaine x

The-Butterfly said...

Haha I'm also a frantic inbox checker! :)